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Bombardment Co. is a Philadelphia based streetwear brand, established in 2011, that evolved from a brainfuck. "What is a Brainfuck", you ask? By definition, it is something that destabilizes, confuses, or manipulates a person's mind. Here at Bombardment, we also like to call it a mental acid trip. This trip is a culmination of everything in the world that inspires us, scares us, and changes us. It can be anything. It can be art, the texture of clouds, good ass food, city skylines, skate ramps, or anything your mind can design. 

Bombardment Co. was originally started by one dude. He was over seeing everyone around him wearing the same thing. He was constantly looking for different streetwear and skate brands that took digital art to a new level. He couldn't find that -- so he created it. 

Now, Bombardment Co. is less about the original creator and more about every person who has walked the path with us. So many of those who have supported us have inspired us to create something different. Bombardment is now about those who Bombard the world with their presence, their art, and their minds. 

Come take a trip with us, follow the lightning bolts. Even though we are based in Philadelphia our minds can take us anywhere. We can't wait for you to explore our brainfucks and we hope to inspire you to explore your own too! 

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