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  • What type of payment do you take?
    We take payments in PayPal, credit or debit.
  • Do you take after pay?
    At this time, we don’t offer after pay.
  • Where else can i get your stuff?
    If you’re in the Philly area: We carry select pieces at Ps&Qs, South Street Art Mart and Repo Records;
  • When does my stuff ship?
    We use USPS. You will receive a tracking code once your order has shipped. We typically try to process each order within 2-5 business days. Please check out our shipping and returning policy for more.
  • Why is this shit so expensive?
    It ain’t expensive, you just broke. Sike! We decided that the prices are these prices. We try to make things fair for our time and craft behind it. If you want to support, buy a sticker.
  • Can we collab?
    Possibly. Feel free to email us ideas.
  • Can you sponsor me? I’m a skater/blogger/influencer.
    Possibly. We like to link with like minded individuals. Send us your social media and a little bit about you to be reviewed by our social media team.
  • Wtf is a brainf*ck?
    A brainfuck is something that destabilizes or manipulates the mind. We like to believe that Bombardment displays images that can lead you down a brainf*ck. It’s the idea that inspired our trademarked logo.
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